Connecting the performance and efficiency of direct response with the scale and reach of branding. It’s about quality results at scale.

Why do brands turn to Dedicated Media?


A decade of knowledge and vertical expertise driving the performance of your campaign.

Dedicated Media has developed a winning formula that we have tested over and over again with great success. We know what makes your campaign perform.


Instantly digestible and actionable insights unique to your campaign KPIs.

Beyond an Excel spreadsheet, these insights provide a clear understanding and direction that informs your entire advertising spend…online and offline.


Targeting agnostic – Utilize all targeting methods that drive results for your campaign in conjunction with each other (Behavioral Targeting, Contextual Targeting, Retargeting, Custom Channels, Custom Audience Segments and more.)


A proprietary platform built with best-of-breed technologies and cutting edge systems that removes the hardships of cross-channel targeting and optimization.

We built our SMARTstack ad serving and optimization platform from the ground up with input from you, our clients, to bring to market a solution founded on brand safety, intelligent optimization, advanced targeting, and insightful, actionable reporting.


A single partner that executes and optimizes across ALL platforms.

Fueled by our SMARTstack platform and our cross-channel insights, Dedicated Media delivers scale, quality, and performance that you would need multiple competing partners to perform the same cross-platform campaign execution.

Fortune 500 companies, global consumer and B2B brands, across every vertical, including:

  • Auto
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Online Retail
  • Apparel
  • Health & Wellness
  • Beauty
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • …and so much more