The benefits of working with Dedicated Media for your display campaigns

Reach the right audience. Every campaign is hand curated and custom targeted based on the specific objectives of our clients.

Experience | We understand what drives success. With more than 10 years of experience helping you meet your campaign objectives, we’ve discovered the strategies that shrink the time from exposure to revenue.

Technology | We have the right tools for you.
The core of our technology is our SMARTstack, built upon:

  • Award-winning brand safety
  • Advanced/learning-based optimization
  • Detailed, insightful reporting
  • Flexible, custom targeting

Performance | We deliver results.
Cross-channel performance driven with proprietary audience profiles from the strategies we’ve executed across mobile, display, video and social. Algorithms and real people work on your campaign to drive performance.

Insights | We make your campaigns smarter. Analytics and insights that identify the key drivers for the success of your campaign and help move your business forward through SMARTargets and Brand Studies.

  • SMARTargets: Move beyond excel files. Instantly actionable insights delivered to you visually so you understand your campaign performance in less than a minute.
  • Brand Studies: Leverage DIRECT audience input to uncover the hidden drivers for brand engagement and performance lift.

Reach: Up to 91% US internet population with access to over 18 billion daily impressions

Inventory Sources: Direct publisher relationships with comScore 500 publishers, supply-side platforms, and exchanges

Pricing Models: CPM, CPC, CPA

Ad Sizes:

  • Standard Banner (728×90, 160×600, 300×250)
  • Rich Media (includes iAB Rising Star ad units)
  • Captivate ad units (300×250, 300×600 – includes expanding)
  • Custom Integrations

Targeting Capabilities:

Behavioral Targeting

  • Proprietary data, Direct publisher data, Premium data providers

Custom Channel

  • Content based targeting by combining like publishers from comScore and historical data.


  • Prospecting, Lead to Conversion


  • Combine Behavioral Segments, Like- Publishers, and Retargeting to fit the targeting needs

| Dedicated Media’s own Rich Media ad unit.

Don’t just engage your audience, Captivate it!

Captivate captures audience attention by leveraging multiple marketing strategies without the hassle of creating multiple campaigns. Think of it as a multi-facet campaign, built into one rich, engaging ad unit.Captivate is fully customizable to your unique needs:

  • Integrate real-time social feeds
  • Allow downloading of couponing barcodes
  • Provide a store locator
  • Enable interactive games
  • Sell products
  • Conduct surveys

…all this in one ad unit.

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The SMARTstack advantage

Dedicated Media’s proprietary technology stack solves the complexity of cross-channel targeting and optimization. Built from your feedback, SMARTstack provides the delivery and performance you want with the insights you need.

The SMARTstack advantage
SMARTstack is the foundation of Dedicated Media’s success, built upon:

  • Brand Safety
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Intelligent Optimization
  • Insightful Reporting

Let Dedicated Media deliver your next campaign today. It’s just smart.