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Still In the Dark When Buying Third-Party Data

Posted on August 6, 2015 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles, Infographic


Our COO Ryan Becker illuminates the reality of data fraud and why it lags behind impression verification.

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Moving CPG Past the Click

Posted on July 8, 2015 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles


Our Director of Midwest Sales Kyle Stefankiewicz is ready to take his CPG clients past the click and provide the proof that their digital ad spend is translating to real, in-store impact: sales.

The advent of digital has decimated brick-and-mortar retailers – a buggy can’t outrace a Corvette. The consumer-centric digital marketplace has revolutionized industries like consumer electronics and apparel, bringing the product to the consumer 24/7 and cutting out the need for unnecessary overhead. When racing into the online marketplace isn’t quite as feasible, like the automotive industry, advertisers still offer unrivaled ease with virtual tours, chats with salespeople, and test drive appointments all from the convenience of their device. Yet the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry lags behind in bringing sales and convenience to online consumers, despite more than $700 billion a year in brick-and-mortar sales. According to Statista, nearly 99 percent of all CPG sales take place offline, and there are very few translatable online ‘actions.’ CPG clients have been utilizing the power of online couponing and intent verification through brand studies for years, but the primary KPI I see from many of my CPG clients continues to be CTR.

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Harnessing the Power of Mom-to-Mom Influence

Posted on May 19, 2015 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles


Our Director of Campaign Management Mindy Raslevich emphasizes the importance of reaching the most relevant audience with the most purchasing power and influence: moms.

When Beyoncé said girls run the world, she was onto something – at least in the world of online shopping. Women account for 85 percent of all consumer purchases, including verticals ranging from auto to healthcare. For those of us coping with our own online shopping addictions, these statistics are unsurprising. In particular, online shopping can be a saving grace for mothers looking to save time and dollars in one fell swoop. MediaPost also observed that 90 percent of moms are online, compared to 76 percent of women in general.

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Front Lines of Viewability

Posted on April 23, 2015 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles


Our Director of Ad Operations Max Yang sheds light on how to tackle the roadblocks facing the scalability of viewership to enhance your viewability scorecard and yield higher average CPMs.

Every touchpoint along the digital supply and demand chain has been well immersed in recent conversations surrounding viewability. From your junior sales planner to the global CTO, no topic has been hotter than making viewability actionable. No other team is more exposed to viewability than the ad operations teams responsible for the execution and data analysis. And certainly, no other team is more intimate with the roadblocks facing the scalability of viewership.

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Customizing Campaigns: Are We All Using the Same Data?

Posted on March 10, 2015 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles


Our CTO Brian Malone highlights three ways Dedicated Media customizes our approach to optimizing campaign data.

Fifty years ago, stock market investors struggled with a new concept called the Efficient Market Hypothesis. It suggests that a stock’s price reflects all publicly-known information about it. Thus, no one should be able to beat the market, in the long run.

It seems we have reached this point with ad exchanges. Most inventory is available for real-time bidding (RTB), and data segments from third-party providers are ubiquitous. Can a company really expect to outperform its competitors using the same platform controls as everyone else?

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