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The Foundational Pillars of Online Marketing Success

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles

470003257 [Converted]-01I wanted to share a few secrets that I have used to great effect throughout my career in digital marketing.

Firstly, I’m a metrics driven businessman who believes data > feelings, so understanding, recording, and optimizing your business’s core metrics frequently is vital.

Secondly, most online businesses have four main pillars of success: traffic driving, conversion, retention, and ancillary revenue. And much like pillars, you need to pay frequent and equal attention to all of them if you want your structure to be solid. I typically let my metrics decide which of these to attack first, as I’m constantly working on strengthening the foundational elements through testing and optimization.

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Understanding the Education Marketplace to Better Optimize Campaigns

Posted on July 1, 2014 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles

151015886At Dedicated Media we offer performance marketing programs and intel for our partners across all online performance-based marketing channels, which includes not only affiliate, but social, mobile, and performance-based display, as well. By leveraging first and third-party data, Dedicated is able to offer valuable category insight that can help marketers in the channel understand the marketplace and better optimize their campaigns.

Today we’re sharing a series of this insight in the key verticals in which we operate as well as some corresponding campaigns within that vertical that you can partner with us on. Let’s use education as an example, as we have seen a strong resurgence in that category. Download the full report here.

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Four Steps to Understand Your Audience and Optimize Performance

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles


It’s common sense to ask your audience what they like. Is this user flow too long? Do you like products like this? Does this blue make me look fat? But when all is said and done, you’re running campaigns, working with multiple partners, and doing what you can to get ahead of the game. Occasionally there’s no time to login, set up a survey, send it out to your users, look at the results, and dig through them. Often times you determine by yourself what’s going to work best.


There’s a saying about a horse’s mouth here, but it boils down to this – when it comes to what your users want, the people that know best are your users. Making audience feedback a part of your system will not only increase campaign performance, but it will also help you add value as a partner and bring unique consumer insights to the table.

To connect with your audience, you’ll need to look at all the vehicles you can use to gather feedback in order to see the most complete picture. Here are four steps: ….read more »

The ABC’s of A/B Testing

Posted on June 4, 2014 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles


Testing is a philosophy, it’s insurance against bad decisions, it provides certainty in an uncertain world, it’s fun, it’s sexy… OK I’ve gone too far there, but I love testing! It is the great equalizer when people have opinions and ideas about how they can improve their business and want to quantify the effect. Once you start amassing testing wins you’ll quickly gain a significant, concrete lift on where you started from. The most powerful and effective way to test is Multivariable Testing, where you analyze signal-to-noise ratios, understand the influence of each element, and then concentrate subsequent tests on the elements with the greatest level of influence on the page. This requires a partner in the testing business or a statistical package and some skill using it.  Alternatively, there is a down and dirty way to start testing and moving your business forward: Split Testing also known as A/B Testing. In fact, A/B testing has become so popular, that for a second year in a row it is the most used method.* ….read more »

Harnessing the Power of Mom-to-Mom Influence

Posted on May 19, 2014 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles

177546381Beyoncé was onto something when she said that girls run the world, at least the world of online shopping anyway. Did you know that 58% of all online spending is done by women? Twenty-two percent of women hit their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer at least once a day to shop online.  For those of us women coping with our own online shopping addictions, these statistics are not surprising. Online shopping is a saving grace for mothers in particular, saving them precious time and almighty dollars in one fell swoop. Moms make an overwhelming 90% of their purchases online, compared to the overall population, which makes 76% of its purchases online. ….read more »