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The Power of Native Advertising

Posted on September 27, 2013 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles, Infographic


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Dedicated Media has 10 years of experience cultivating fruitful native campaigns

It all starts with the seed. This seed, a new product or promotional offering, is placed into nutrient-enriched soil that is a hand-selected combination of some of the highest quality soil samples on the market. Each sample is chosen by the farmer, a media expert, and is a successful influencer in their respective space with a carefully cultivated audience of engaged followers.

Every soil sample contributes their unique blend of vitamins and minerals to help the seed grow, crafting messages in their own voice in a way they know will resonate with their audience. The farmer tirelessly waters the soil and monitors the seed’s progress, ensuring that it gets enough sunlight and is shielded from the cold as it matures.

The tree continues to grow, becoming taller and stronger as consumers discover its message. Pretty soon people are talking about the message to their friends and sharing it on social media, all the while strengthening the tree.

Before you know it, the tree is producing fruit and consumers are visiting stores, going online, and making purchases. The produce is ripe, packed with nutrients, and devoid of harmful chemicals and additives because it was organically grown. It was fostered and distributed by a trusted group of influencers, and it nourishes brand loyalty and enriches brand perception. That’s the difference with native. It’s a form of advertising that is artisanally crafted by experts and placed into an environment where it innately belongs.

Factory Farm - Programmatic Advertising

Now, compare that to automated, programmatic distribution where your ads are mass-produced, uniform across publications and platforms, and distributed based on algorithms, not tried and true experts with over 10 years of experience who have a vested interest in the campaign’s success. Mechanized advertising isn’t personalized and isn’t unique; the food it produces isn’t as bright in color or complex in flavor. It feels factory farmed and is virtually the opposite of farm fresh.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have its place. It’s efficient and cost-effective advertising that delivers your message to consumers. Ultimately, it will sustain you and you can even grow old eating it. You just might be anemic.

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Native Advertising - Infographic

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