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Ad Blocking: Where Did It All Go So Wrong?

Posted on December 21, 2015 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles


When you sit down with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Lewis this holiday season and the inevitable, “Now what do you do again?” question is posed, take a deep breath, take a sip of wine, and declare proudly, “I’m in advertising, remember?”

Hopefully a spoon of mashed potatoes isn’t whipped at your head.

Where did it all go so wrong? It’s gone wrong for consumers – hence the mashed potato projectile. It’s gone south for advertisers – ask any of them if their life is “easier.” If the idea of ad blocking really does take off – the IAB’s own research says 34 percent of adults are using ad blocking – man, it is going to go really, really badly for publishers.

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Client Service – Turning New Accounts into Repeat Business

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles


The agency has been entertained, the product pitched, and the agreement signed. The sales executive has done their job and your media team is ready to make the campaign rock. As an account manager, you just have to make sure everything is set-up properly and maintained along the way, providing feedback and follow-up when needed, right? That way of thinking might help you survive the campaign, but it won’t help win future business. With so many digital partners to choose from, media planners expect more than just solid performance to win repeat business; they want to genuinely enjoy working together. As their account manager and primary contact, there are certain client service steps you can take to ensure a trial test turns into a long-term, profitable relationship.

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Cultivating a Valuable & Trustworthy Performance Marketing Network

Posted on October 9, 2015 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles


Stop using performance marketing networks to garner impressions. Start using them for long term growth. Director of Lead Generation, Tom Cullen explains how. 

One of the primary benefits advertisers and agencies value in performance marketing networks is the ability to gain access to a variety of unique sites and publications through one point of contact. Work is consolidated while the marketing plan is diversified.

That’s assuming marketing networks curate the best sites, not just the most popular.

Too often, marketing networks make it their primary focus to partner with high traffic sites & publishers.  While valuable, higher levels of traffic does not necessarily equate to an increase in sustainable advertising dollars. Exclusively chasing high traffic sites overlooks more pertinent factors, such as site relevance, traffic quality, and propensity for user engagement.

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In Praise of the Salesperson – and the Five Qualities We Must Respect

Posted on August 31, 2015 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles


Sales gets short shift. Schoolboys are never encouraged to say, “I want to be a salesman” on career day. Until recently, saleswomen were so ignored the term “saleswoman” was a lazy punch line. Salespeople get marginalized even though every brilliant inventor would own a shelf full of useless trinkets without the power of sales. We can’t possibly assess the real value that this job has provided our culture.

Companies struggle to figure out what makes a successful salesperson, often overlooking their skills. Millions of books have been written with the purpose to teach “even YOU” how to sell. You can read every book, sit in every conference, and repeat every personal mantra, but sales will always be a struggle if you don’t know what TRULY makes a great salesperson.

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Still In the Dark When Buying Third-Party Data

Posted on August 6, 2015 by Dedicated Media Marketing in Articles, Infographic


Our COO Ryan Becker illuminates the reality of data fraud and why it lags behind impression verification.

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