brian malone

Brian Malone



My first experience with the Internet was in 1994 at UCSB. My college roommate had downloaded so many Phish concerts that I was unable to save a term paper. This event sparked hours of frustration, but also a future career path.

My first job after college was developing websites. At the time, Netscape was the dominant web browser and JavaScript was still experimental. Soon, attracting visitors to websites became more interesting than building them so I joined Interpublic Group (IPG) to do online marketing. I spent many long days trying to optimize websites for search engines that don’t even exist anymore. Unfortunately, tracking the performance of these efforts became increasingly difficult.

In 2000, I started a tracking and reporting company with 2 other colleagues called Harvest Solutions. We used pixels to track user behavior (a new concept at the time). A few Ramen years later, we sold the company to Experian CheetahMail in 2005. At CheetahMail, my first responsibility was to launch a ‘remarketing’ product using web analytics and email. If you have ever added an item to your shopping cart and then received an email 3 days later reminding you to buy it…you’re welcome (or I’m sorry). After 5 years of product management/development at CheetahMail, I decided to get more involved with other areas of the advertising ecosystem. In January 2011, I started with Dedicated Media as the VP of Technology.

As the CTO here, I’m dedicated to creating solutions that grow both our advertiser’s and publisher’s business.